Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ancient Fossil Story

I came across a rather interesting ancient fossil story from South America this morning as I was opening up the news. 
snake eyes

According to the report, no modern day snake comes close to it's size.  I know I'm not really a great fan of snakes but it is fascinating to read about ancient fossils.

The report says "Modern-day anacondas have nothing on this baby - a behemoth estimated to have been 13 metres long and weighing in at more than a tonne."    Just imagine something larger than a bus and equaling a Tyrannosaurus rex snout to tail.

In other news, as soon as we both got better, it got worse.  P and I are both on the mend again but we are hoping to be back into normal soon.  Oh well...


  1. Very fascinating - very hard to imagine :-)

    Get well soon - both of you!

    RennyBA's Terella

  2. Now THAT looks like somethin I'd like to keep as a pet - NOT!!!

    Hope you both get well soon. Over here the big flu seems to be over soon. It didn't bring me down though, I just had a slight sniffle last week.

  3. I was always fascinated by the prehistoric era. Wouldn't have wanted to run into one of those, though :)

    I'm still fighting my flu but hope it gets better by tomorrow as I have to drive to Holland.

  4. The story was everywhere this morning in Argentina, and I had breakfast staring at huge snakes on TV :-)