Friday, March 13, 2009

Photo Hunt - Four

This weeks Theme is Four
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4 of my favorite photos and places of Switzerland

Montreux Early Morning

Amazing Views of Montreux and Les Dents Du Midi
(literally meaning the Teeth of Noon).

Fog of Montreux

Higher above from a park bench in Montreux.
Lausanne Harbor

Sailing and Sunsets in Lausanne- Beautiful anywhere in the world.

Above Interlaken

High Above Interlaken and so beautiful!
Happy Hunting.


  1. I can see why they are four of your favorites. Great shots!

  2. Now that is a great take on the theme. Those are four of the most scenic places.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. Oh my! You've given me heartache and a dose of "homesickness". I consider Switzerland my spiritual home since the 1980s. How I miss that place! Your beautiful photos take me back to those days. I remember those kinds of views, experienced more or less daily for four years. My bedroom faced the lake. I had a fairly complete panoramic view, left to right, Morges, and the Upper Rhone in the morning mists, France across the widest section, and down toward Geneve. Perceval--where I worked, studied, and lived--sits at the top of the St-Prex vineyards right in front of the Geneve-Nyon-Lausanne autoroute (freeway).

  5. You know I love your mountain scenery pics - I'm addicted :-)

    Happy weekend!

    RennyBA's Terella

  6. Your photos are postcard perfect and give credence to Switzerland's reputation as a place of great beauty.

  7. Very vivid shots of scenery. The Alps looks fantastic. Great shots

  8. WOW - simply WOW!!!

    Happy Weekend.

  9. Fabulous four!
    I bet you will recognize mine too.

  10. Switserland is absolutely wonderful. Hope to be visiting Geneve this summer.