Monday, April 13, 2009

A Look At Spring in Victoria

I was finally able to upload a few photos from my Nikon camera.  Here's a look at the spring blossoms in Victoria, BC from a sunny Monday.

A local Hotel that looks so European to me.
A Walk Down Town
Theater near China Town
Biking Time?
Near Our Place, Spring Flowers.
Ah the Flowers!
Wide Angle Image from Down Town
The famous China Town Entrance...

** Please don't be fooled by the photos.  It has only been warmer (15C) for about 3 days so far.  The rest of the time it's been drizzly or rainy and 10C.


  1. These are beautiful! I love your blogging style! I will put your blog on my blogroll!

    Isobel -

  2. How sunny and shiny and spring and colourful - thanks for sharing!

    Wishing you a great week!

  3. Wonderful spring time photos!!!!

  4. Spring is so wonderful as seen through your lense.
    I can't believe you are half away to Summer allready according to the flowers.
    We have a late spring here, but we see light in the end of the winter tunnel.

    Thanks for sharing this walk.

    btw. We stayed indoor this Monday, due to Rain.

  5. What gorgeous selection of spring pictures. :)

  6. Victoria is beautiful in the Spring....great photos...I love the one with the bike...well it's Tuesday and although there is a little frost on the ground the sun is out and it looks like it might be a glorious day! Hope you had a great weekend..

  7. You have so many flowers! We have some pushing up now and even a few bloomed but not nearly as much as your photos.


  8. Doesn't matter if its only three days so far of sun and blue skies--this is how I fondly remember Victoria in springtime. I gather the Nikon is your new replacement for the broken Canon? Beautiful, clear images. You always frame them nicely--balanced and aesthetically pleasing. And Victoria is a photogenic city!

  9. HI, just found your blog. Brings back memories of my time in B.C. many years ago. Loved Canada however I ended in Florida via Spain. Paula xx

  10. Great spring time pictures. Love the blossom! Also see the same sights over here. So beautiful! Pity most trees only blossom for a few days. Just the other day I noted a white blossomed tree and today I cycled by and all the blossom lay on the ground!

  11. Your new town is really beautiful! I am glad you are happy there and are able to explore it.

  12. I used to love those cherry blossoms all over the place. Yeah, I heard that the weather has been kind of crappy, but Victoria usually warms up pretty fast in April. That's when all the students start putting on their shorts and going out onto the roof to get a tan!

  13. Hope the warm weather has held for you. Gorgeous pictures of the blossoms.