Monday, January 11, 2010

The Last Day of 33

Wow... Years do seem to fly by pretty fast these days. I woke up this morning after sleeping in until 8 am, which was a complete dream, and thought to myself wow today is the last day that I will be in my double digit odd year of my thirties, you know the end of the big 33 age.

Tomorrow is the start of a new age and another year older. Last year at this time, I was getting a phone call to let me know that I got a job. I do have many hopes and dreams set for this year. Most of these dreams I keep to myself, but the one I most think about so often is Switzerland of course. But I did add triathlons to my checklist of accomplishments finally.

In the last month or two, I have finally gotten back the interest of reading. I loved doing that while I was living in Switzerland and quite frankly missed that a lot. One thing that makes it a lot easier is that we don't have a TV and don't want to get another one either. The Internet works quite well for P and I and we plan to keep it that way.

I was able to read 2 books in the last week. I'm quite happy to have finished them. They were my type of books for sure, those little short stories that were page turners. I bought them from our second hand book store, Russell Books here in Victoria.

Last week's book was The magic of Provence by Yvone Lenard and two other books during Christmas. This weekend's book was C'est La Vie by Suzy Gershman . They are both travel writing books. I love knowing more about culture, places in Europe and a story in the life of an expat. I can relate to their feelings more about their love for their adopted country and so I think this is what makes me love to read these types of books. The added bonus is that the books store has a fair selection of those travel writing books I can pick up for under $10.

I'm also hoping to curb my addiction to that darn facebook game I keep playing. I accomplish nothing with it and don't have much to show at the end of the day for what I did. I like seeing tangible results and I guess that is my latest goal.

I do hope to revamp a website or two this year. Get better at posting my photography again and do a lot more reading. We shall see since I can be beyond busy enough with my training schedule in the pool, at the gym and outdoors.

Until then, I will just day dream of my love...

The Alps as seen from the Ex-Expatters holiday trip back to Switzerland.


  1. I used to read travel books obsessively and be so inspired! :) Then the baby came and the theme of the books on my night table changed quickly... I'm looking forward to one day going back to the fun relaxing fascinating travel reads again - when you can't travel, reading about it is second best, I think. :)
    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birtday to you!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, ET! I don't remember the last time I finished a book! LOL, Keep those dreams alive :)

  4. Happy birthday! I find this year went back sooo fast...

  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy and hopefully you do something special for yourself.

  6. Dear blog friend - and you was one of my first you know, so I've known you since you was in you're 20s! ;-)

    I would say; dream on and read books or whatever, but stay the way you are: a great buddy in Blogsphere!

    Happy Birthday from you're Viking friend and remember you (and P. of course!) are welcome to Europe any time - especially in August this year :-)

  7. From one January baby (mine was Saturday) to another, I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  8. Happy birthday, indeed, Jen. Hope you had a great day. And keep dreaming. You've seen ME dream and have seen my dreams come true! I'm a living example of keeping hope and dreams alive.

  9. I hope you had a happy birthday and wonderful year ahead. Love the shot of the alps. I turn 53 this year but not for another ten months. I won't be rushing that one, ha.

  10. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book on a winter night. Happy Birthday and wishes for an exciting year!