Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Raining Ducks

I had a great time after work today to go for a quick trip to the pond with a bit drizzle of rain and viewing some really cool ducks. It's my first discovery of this little pond in the middle of Victoria and I'm sure to be back again. What a beautiful place!

Here are a few of the duck shots I liked, including the above video showing the ducks searching for food in circles. Why do they do this?

Ring neck duck

Green winged teal duck

Wood Ducks together

We had some great reflections on the water!


  1. That video is hysterical, Jen! LOL. I'm guessing there's rhyme to their reason. How fun. I don't think I've ever seen it done quite like that. You sure did get quite an assortment. Lucky you.

  2. Great shots Jen! What a variety of ducks you have there!

  3. So many different ducks! I don't know why they swim in circles unless it is to confuse their prey! When I was a teenager we moved (my dad had just finished military)back to the family hometown. My parents had found a house to rent and it had a huge pond on the property. You could not sit outside due to the frogs! It was so loud, and I am not kidding, you could not even talk! My dad ordered some baby ducks. Needless to say those frogs vanished real fast, and we had peaceful evenings with just an occasional croak!

  4. Great reflection pics. I often feel like I am swimming in circles too :)

  5. Great photos and also a nice vid (but why do you use Blogger and not Youtube?)

    Happy Weekend to you and P. :-)

  6. Wow,I can't tell two ducks apart but you are quite the expert!

    Mmmm... Beijing ducks...

    (sorry :-D)