Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hiking to Mystic Beach

Back when it was still summer like, we headed off for a hike past Sooke to Mystic Beach.  What a beautiful area, but my only complaint was how close the road was to the proximity of the hiking trail.  It just didn't seem as enjoyable seeing that we were definitely in the middle of nature...

The hike 1/3 the way there starts with a big bridge, looking much like the Lynn Canyon Bridge, but not so high up.

 You encounter a lot of stepping stones and other wood cross ways as it can be very wet after the summer months.

 We start seeing the amazing view after about 45 minutes to 1 hour of hiking.

 A fallen tree made into steps.

 And the amazing view!

 This is also the start of the Juan de Fuca trail which is very popular for hiking and camping for several days on end.
 We finally see ocean waves, something you rarely see in Victoria.

 Erosion from the daily waves during high tide.

The best part was we came prepared with lunch and had a nice time sitting and enjoying it before walking around and going back up the hillly trail.


  1. wow, simply beautiful! One day, I'd love to do the Juan de Fuca trail, although I'm not sure if you could hike just a part of it or would you have to go all the way for many days...? Saw many photos from there and it's just so stunning!

  2. The part of the trail that we did is definitely for day use or more if you want. It took us roughly 2.5 hours to 3 hours while taking our time to enjoy the beach once we finally got down there. We paid the all day parking in the lot so we could take our time. The weather was so nice that I actually did not want to return..

    You should definitely look into it, but bring food and all essentials with you before getting past the city of Sooke. There's nothing after!

  3. That bridge would freak me out but it looks well worth it in the end!

  4. When we stayed in Ucluelet a few years back, ET, there were many hiking trails and bogs with the wood-plank walkways. I loved them. And I was impressed by how many forests there were right up to the water's edge. It's a most fascinating place to live. You could live there forever and still find some new places to explore!

  5. Honestly, this reminds me of Costa Rica! Same kind of hikes to discover a beautiful beach. Just the same of the hike is inviting!

  6. Awsome picts, ET! Love them all! I think I have to come visit the region (now that I'm back in the country) ;)

  7. Hi Jen,
    it's so nice beeing a part of your tours in the nature. I can feel the smell of the Ocean and the Forest and even going millions of years studying the rock formations..

    Have a great week to come

  8. Niiiice hiking! I wonder if I could manage it... Hos steep were it on the way up? I'd love seeing that beach for sure...

  9. Amazing photos! We hiked this several months ago and loved it and will likely do it next year as part of our honeymoon.

  10. Wow! Now that is a hike worth doing even now at my age!! So many beautiful photos, absolutely gorgeous!! I hiked and walked on the Appalachian Trail during my summer job working for the forest service a looooonng time ago! Course I didn't get to see views like this!
    Hope you have a great vacation!!
    Take Care,