Monday, August 22, 2011

5 Months and Counting

Cammie turned 5 months old already.  Where does the time go?  Oh don't even get me thinking because that just means I have that much less time until I am back to work next year.  But then again..

I love to get thinking...

See Ginnie made me think of my guilty pleasure which has to be dark chocolate and Switzerland.  I think the two go hand in hand.  I'm still trying to think up of a way to get to Europe SOON.  I know this Rhine Getaway link totally makes me go wild which then confirms the fact that my guilty pleasure must be Switzerland.

What is your guilty pleasure??  Here's one of mine - Photos of my cutie.

Miss Cuteness playing

Walks are her guilty pleasure

Play time

I'm in a big girl chair!

I'm smiling for the Camera mom.

Laundry help

All Smiles

A beach Walk
Her other guilty pleasure - haha.
I know as well my guilty pleasure in part is moving.  Just like Cammie.  She loves to move.  We will be moving along next month traveling lots and having lots of fun times ahead.  I know I can't wait and I'm sure Cammie will think the same once she's up and moving.


  1. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Cammie is simply adorable!! what a sweet smile! enjoy your traveling next month, I will read your posts with a piece of dark chocolate, my favorite one!! (I traveled along the Rhine this summer on the train, the scenery is breathtaking!)

  2. How much room do I have to list all of my guilty pleasures?

    Traveling, eating chocolate, taking pictures, eating any kind of cake as long as they are not these super sugary ones from the supermarket watching House MD, watching documentaries from France, trying on creams and perfumes...

    Yep, I have a lot :-)

  3. She sure is growing fast and a real charm! Enjoy these times my dear...

  4. Cammie is a such beautiful girl! I like really the last picture! You will travel next month! Super!!! I adore travel! And just come back from Belgium where I was by my friend Gattina!
    I have a new blog with a new name! Sandra Carlier!
    I hope your visit!

  5. You must have posted this right after I did my blogroll last Monday, Jen, so now I feel very behind. UGH. Still, I just love that you picked up on my "guilty pleasures" and am thrilled by Cammie's growth and your ability to travel with her soon. Eat up these times while you have them!

  6. Cammie is really adorable, we know. And the time flew away when you have young kids like her.

    We miss the 3 of you.

    btw. I'll post from Victoria in not too long. To day I posted from Michigan..

  7. Before you know it, you'll be watching her across the stage, accepting a diploma... and grandkids? Fer sher!! :)

  8. She is sure cute, no question. Travel and have fun, that Rhine cruise sounds delightful. Someday I will take it also, it's on my to do list...ciao

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