Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A busy Month

It's been a fairly busy month for us already, so I thought I'd write about a few of the things going on.  Cammie's grandmother from Quebec arrived.  They had some great times together and will have many more as this is the first time that the entire family (on P's side) will be together.  It will be fun for Cammie to finally have her two cousins here for Christmas so that she can learn and grow with them.

With her big cousin who loves to babysit.

The three cousins

On the 9th, I wrote my Canadian Citizenship test.  Ended up receiving my response on the 19th that I will be taking the oath for Citizenship early next year, the day before my birthday.   P will attend the ceremony with me and hopefully I'll have a photo to show for it.

On the 10th, we brought her to see the only stranger she is supposed to talk to.  She cried.  Oh well, we were hoping our anniversary would be a bit more thrilling than that.

On the 16th, Cammie turned 9 months old already.  That means, I'm less than 2 months away from going back to work, boo! :-( Where does the time fly?  She's busy crawling like she belongs in the army.  We are still working on the normal crawling but in the mean time, she sure is getting some swimmer lats on her as a result of all of that pulling.  She's also learned how to play chase and is starting to learn how fun it is to ride on her new car.

We finally replaced our not so kid friendly furniture with pieces we both really like.  We aren't convinced it's much safer but at least it looks great in the house.  P and I have been eating healthier, a lot healthier I should say.  Enough that my mother  in law complained that we were on a diet.  We aren't, we've just switched our eating habits to include no processed carbs of any kind.  It's made a huge difference already.

I'm getting this crawling thing

I just woke up for what???

Oh this nice looking guy made me cry!

Wishing everyone a happy winter solstice and happy Christmas holidays.


  1. Oh my goodness, those are such cute pictures! I love the army crawl. Congratulations on the citizenship exam, too! Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi,
    I know how important it is that cousins can meet...
    This year Metin Leander and Sebastian will meet on 2.nd X-Mas in our Home...

    Cammie and her cousins are all very charming and beautiful kids. We are happy you all can be together during this traditional season.

    big hugs
    Tor and Anna

  3. I know the count-down is on before you go back to work, Jen, but all that much more enjoy every minute you have with this fabulous sweetie-pie!