Saturday, January 19, 2013

22 months already

Last weekend I celebrated another birthday.  The day was amazing because I got to see friends and Cammie was photographed.  The photos were amazing.  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present..

This past week, Cam and I stayed home while she was sick with a bad cold and mild fever.  She also turned 22 months old.  Time is just flying by.  She's super adorable at this age.  One moment she's curious and trying to talk with us.  She already knows where the house is when we come home and can't stop talking about going to see her cousins.  She's starting to try to ask questions and trying to say two or three words at once.  Most of the time, she just says the end of what you are telling her to say because that's how she sees it.  Like:  Where are you?  Comes out "Are You?"... If a name is long she'll cut it down to size, like "Bel"..

Here are a few of my favorite shots from last weekend that my friend took, when Cam got to play with some cute kittens.  She adores animals and loves to play with them.  Yes these photos are amazing.  Great photographer, with one amazing camera!

She definitely melts my heart even if she isn't ever able to sleep in.  Yup I'm up at 5 am EVERY morning...  Well there have been 4 days of exception, slept till 6:20 am. What goes around comes around.  Yes I did this too, I'm told.


  1. Wow, she really looks like you now! Especially the eyes, it's amazing. So grown-up too... yet "only" 22 months!

  2. I so remember this age, Jen, and know exactly how you feel. Amy was so adorable at that age, 38 years ago! :) Yes, they do eventually grow up...and you even get to sleep in! One day, hopefully sooner than later.

    I'm on Astrid's laptop right now while mine is getting its annual I'm just hoping this Google account will show up as mine...Ginnie's! :)

  3. Such a cute baby! may god bless her with all the divine blessings.

  4. WOW she has grown!! Haven't been here for a while but my she's a really lady already :) So cute!! You make early hours but trust me before you know it she sleeps long in the morning!!

  5. You're baby was so Cute! I also have a son and he really inspire me in anyways. Like you I always spent time to be with him even I have busy schedule.

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