Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Swiss Way

The Swiss Way is a funny true book, written to understand the Swiss mentality and differnces between cultures in one small country. (What is a Luftschutzkeller?) As a Swiss you will realize how others see the Swiss... and that much of it is quite true!

Rather Bilton, an Englishman, comments on the culture he learned after marrying a Swiss woman and living in her country for the last 10 years or so. His insights into the Swiss people, particularly their attitudes, behaviors, and societal structure are insightful and often hilarious.

Switzerland is surprisingly diverse and too often overlooked by those studying European history and culture. It's easy to not look beyond the image of banks, watches, and chocolates to get to know the people behind the stereotypes. This witty book cuts to the chase and is at times quite irreverant, though certainly not offensive. It's one thing to eat rösti. It's another to understand the röstigraben.

This book explains both.

The Swiss Way

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  1. Would you say that the "Swiss Way" even varies from canton to canton?