Sunday, May 15, 2005

Solothurn - The Unknown Beauty

Solothurn is one of the most beautiful Baroque cities in Switzerland with a lot of charm, and history to show for it. Solothurn is not known by most travel agents as well as travelers, but definitely is a city worth visiting for its architecture.

Upon entering the old town of Solothurn through one of its many bridges, you will probably come upon St. Urs Cathedral. When inside, you may see the pleasant view of the Aare River. In all, 11 fountains adorn the city; five of them feature majestic figures of baroque opulence.

Don't miss out on the architecture as well as the play of moving figures at the astronomical clock in the clock tower. You can't miss clock tower as it is definitely life size, and built in the first half of the Twelfth Century. Enjoy a drink from one of the many cafe's that are strewn throughout the old town. Enjoy the many pastry shops along the way too...

Stand on top of the Jura at the Weissenstein after a rainy day and the reward is unforgettable. You can see the Alps in a way you never have seen, and if you there before sunrise you will see it like you will never see it again in your life.

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