Friday, July 15, 2005

Traveling to Valais Vineyards

One of the least travelled and explored areas of Switzerland is the Valais Region. The Valais is the transition are between Interlaken and the Bernese Oberland as well as Ticino in Italian speaking Switzerland.

The Valais boasts Switzerland’s largest wine growing region, with 5,200 hectares of vineyards. When traveling in the Valais, it's hard not to notice the high mountain tops of the Alps along with the vineyards which lace the mountain sides.

One Interesting Fact from swiss info: "More than 40 different grape varieties are grown in the region however Chasselas, Pinot Noir and Gamay account for 85 per cent of the total surface area of the vineyards."

The Rhône River cuts through the heart of the Valais as the terraced vineyards align the northern slopes. Most of this area is full of hiking, many thermal baths and some sort of snow sports. If you are looking for that unique culture experience which everyone doesn't take part in, the Valais is the place to visit.

Swiss Info goes into great detail and has much to offer about this diamond in the rough.

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  1. I've travelled a lot but every time I find myself in Europe at a train station with the options of where to go, Switzerland always gets opted out because of the cost. It's expensive, even just to backpack. I usually perfer Eastern Europe and ofcourse my beloved Italy. Cheers!