Thursday, September 08, 2005

Autumn Photography

After a fun summer of attempting to take a few floral photographs, I'm ready to attempt my efforts on a few autumn colors. Of course, I'm accepting this more than enjoying the loss of summer nights, and staying out until 10 or 11pm without even a sweatshirt on. Can you tell that I just love summer? Switzerland certainly treated us well this summer, as seen in this lovely photo from Yvoire.

Actually my favorite months are spring and summer. I love the anticipation of the end of February when the snow is abundant just waiting for the longer ski days. And with that comes more leaves and trees finally spring up everywhere with longer days and traveling time.

So although I don't mind my wardrobe of winter apparel, I'd trade it for long summer nights any time. Oh well, I guess I'll just enjoy it while it's here and accept what is ahead of me. Really, does anybody enjoy running on ice and freezing weather in the morning as opposed to the fresh summer air.

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