Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Double Take

Purple Hair
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Just after dinner one evening in Lausanne, we were walking back in the shopping district of old town in Lausanne, when I took a triple take. Literally! I didn't want to be rude but this elderly lady that was coming straight at me actually had purple hair!

Wishing to take a few shots of this incredible find, I managed to get one decent shot in the poor light sans the flash. As we followed her, I didn't want to be rude and ask her to pose for a photo shot. She quietly slipped away into her appartment as I was left with only a few good photos of the purple haired lady.

As I pointed this out to Mr. P, I was able to support my theory that most European women have a wild side to them when it comes to dying their hair.

Can anyone help me out on telling me why European women tend to die their hair off the wall colors. In North America, you usually just see people following movie star trends and giving themselves a bit of a highlight or fake blond color...

I wish I knew why....

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