Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Missing Biking Trails

With the abundance of cars here in Vancouver, it really makes me a bit scared riding my bike around the flood of traffic. There are a few areas that veer from the car fumes but nothing like it was like in Switzerland.

As here in Vancouver, we have the Sea Wall to ride around with only pedestrians and roller bladers. This is much like it is in Switzerland. As you can see from my bike being near the rocks, I had to stop to take a few pics with the boats around. The particular trail I was on is from Clarens, CH to Villeneuve. From there you go to the Rhone Trail which actually goes quite far possibly to Brig. Usually my bike ride would take me about 37 km for my round trip ride. It was so lovely and scenic and best of all most of the time I was on a biking trail without cars.

Since I've become more of a fair weather person, I'm probably not going to be biking until next year when I figure out a few better trails that are car free here in Vancouver. Yeah I know funny since I'm close to the mountains, Grouse and Lynn Valley...

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