Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Finding Travel Deals

I usually never find any travel deals from the Airports I need to fly out of. When I saw the weekly travel deals email, I opened it up to find my depature city featured in one of the deals.

Doesn't it always seem like you find the deals at the wrong time, which certainly was my case. I just usually scratch my head and wonder why they can't have these deals all of the time. Or wish it was pre 2002 when I could still find a great deal just about anywhere.

Luckily I don't fly into Toronto Airport which has the bragging rights for the highest fly in fee of all time. It will cost any plane to land in Toronto about $13,000 in landing fees. I'll certainly opt to find a different travel deal instead. Weather in the states has been crazy at that too. Over 35 tornados happened this week alone because of a warm and cool front collision.

Looks like for now, I'll stick to a road trip. Mind you that I really haven't explored enough of Canada to begin with. Maybe a few more pictures will be taken in the process.

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