Monday, November 07, 2005

Promoting Switzerland Through Tourism

Switzerland is working on their image through promoting tourism. There are subtle hints which can be seen in the country. Basel is currently advertising longer shopping hours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Since the consumer industry has been hurt by declining sales, the shops have been increasing their marketing spending in order to win back customers and attract new ones.

Basel definitely has something to do in the month of November along the Rhine as the traditional Basel Autumn Fair runs from October 29 until November 13. I think I'm feeling left out and wishing I could have partaken in the fun with Ms. Mac and Expatter who had a great Saturday out visiting the selection of rides and great food.

Throughout the city of Basel, there are different areas of the city where you can find market stalls, jazz and other festivities for the autumn months. The event was founded some 535 years ago when the mayor of the city traveled to the court of the German emperor, Friederich the third, to ask for permission to hold a fair in the Basel area. People from Germany and France are drawn to the festival to give you an idea about how big this fair can get.

On other notes, I had a super lazy weekend besides going out to dinner on Saturday night. I felt like it was "meet the parents" when I met Mr. P's aunt and uncle for the first time. Actually they were his first family members I've met since they mostly all live in Quebec.

Today I am just feeling so lousy and don't even know how I wrote this much of a post. Soreness from my weekend of getting to run twice might have done me in. But I hope I'll bounce back by this evening.

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