Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Snow Capped Mountains

It's hard for me to drive and take pictures. Yes it's a funny but bold statement because I always see the best view while I'm driving the car. It's a partial height factor and I'm just a bit too short to see above all of the houses.

Seeing that I never like to run with a camera around my wrist, I've been lacking in the picture taking department since my arrival to Vancouver some time ago.

What I can say is that yesterday's sun made our local mountains look just like this. What's even more strange is there is a huge resemblance of the two mountains in this photo. When you look at the North Shore Mountains from down town Vancouver, you see what this photo presents as these locations to me look the same as this photo.

Waking up today with rain again, I'm not really sure how long it will last. This was the main problem last year. We had slightly warmer weather and lots of rain which melted the snow. Since the season has come earlier this year, everyone has high hopes the mountains will keep looking like a white wonderland.

By the way - I took this photo in the morning inside. It just shows you how incredible the view was for me every day. I think it's breath taking...

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