Friday, November 25, 2005

Swiss Food For the Holidays

Yesterday I came across a bunch of interesting Swiss recipes after thinking about all of the food I was missing out and not making for Thanksgiving. As I began investigating further, I found many of the recipe names to be incredibly deceiving and just got me laughing.

Many of us in north america seem to miss what we call "cookies" upon our arrival in Switzerland. I began asking myself "Where can you find that chocolate chip cookie?" I don't think I really ever did or just after I totally gave up from even looking for them. Maybe someone knows this answer but really I never figured it out. It's just different.

Well when I began looking at some of these recipes I was giggling. Here are a few of my finds.

Apfelkuechlein (Deep fried apple cookie) - I know them to be just plain donuts.

Basler Leckerli (Basel cookies) - I'd call them a honey bar.

Fasnachtskuechlein (Carnival cookies) - I'm not so sure what constitutes a cookie anymore after seeing this one.

The one recipe I'd love to try myself is Schokolade Kuchen (Chocolate cake)

And my personal favorite is the Apple Cake which I still have yet to make here in Canada and I know the receipe.

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