Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Freaky Happenings

I was sitting here typing away this morning when my battery connection just started burning and caught on fire! I'm not joking. I'm not so happy because now I have to get a new battery today because my laptop will only run for about 3.5 more hours, if that. It's so odd that is short circuited, but it has been on it's last legs for a while. I'm not really sure if I should be reporting this to Apple or what?

And since it did short circuit all on its own, is it my fault? Would I get a free cord out of it? I'm just so so glad that nothing happened to my little place here because that would have been extremely bad.

I guess I need to get moving and do some quick research....

Quickly in other news, my email was down last night but P told me that my prints from France had been sent on Nov. 5th. They have to resend them because they were sent to the wrong address. So it means that I'm so close to finally sending in my PR application.

Angelina Jolie is definitely pregnant as both agents confirm and have photos to prove it. I'm sure it's already in the news in Europe...

*** Update ***
After about 3 hours of diligent phone conversations and a trip to the other side of town, I'm the owner of a new power adapter. I'm lost without my computer so I'm so happy that I got it within the same day. And just in time for the big day tomorrow. :)

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