Monday, January 23, 2006

It's Election Day

Today is election day in Canada. Many people are claiming the vote will be determined by the voters of British Columbia. I'm not one to really talk about my political views, but I'm so happy all of the political ads are over. On election day, canidates are not aloud to campaign. What a relief. Many of the main candidates such as Paul Martin and Jack Leighton already voted this morning.

So far, polls say there have been a big jump in advanced poller turnouts. There are a total of 1,634 people running in 308 ridings in the general election, which is the country's 39th. They represent 15 political parties, plus Independent candidates of Canada.

Tomorrow we should know what the new government of Canada will be like.

** Looks like Stephen Harper is our new prime minister in a minority government. **

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