Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's My Big Day

Not so long ago my parents were rushing to the hospital at some insane hour and into the delivery room. Now that not so long ago has turned into 30 years. It was 30 years ago today that I was brought into this world.

I'm not sure if I would have thought that I would have traveled across the Atlantic and lived out my dream. One thing is for certain, I would have never have thought that the first boyfriend I had would be born just one day after me (January 13th) while the last boyfriend I ever had (that is before meeting my wonderful husband) would have been born the day before me (on January 11th). I do think that is rather ironic, but I'm glad I've got my wonderful husband and I am living in Canada.

Unfortunately I really don't have firm plans for the day. I'm working until really late, not by choice. I'll take what free time and breaks I have and enjoy the moment being with the one I love. My mom was already thinking about me and sent me a wonderful card and something for me to get that I wanted. And I already know P has something planned for me and I'm sure we'll make something better of the weekend. Ah surprises. I do hope I have a few of them.

**Did I mention that I hate mice in my house. I didn't wish for them on my big day but it looks like someone else wanted them to come out and play with me today. Let's just hope it doesn't jump out while I'm cleaning.

I've added a picture from Finnland which my Swiss friend sent me this morning as an e-card, compliments of

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