Sunday, March 19, 2006

Excited About Spring

I'm hoping everyone is feeling that "spring" feeling in the air. Although I wasn't outside much yesterday, there was lots of wonderful sun and today which is P's Birthday, there is even more of that lovely stuff everywhere. It just makes me smile especially knowing that every day is getting longer with over 12 hours of sunlight.

While I was learning to curl last night, after the first game there was a wonderful blue sky after the sunset which happened about 7pm. We were all a bit shocked but it was nice to see. This morning as I was browsing through some of my photos, I was getting a bit gidy and excited inside.

Today is recovery day for me and I am going to try to relax but I'd also love to let you click on a few photos I was looking at in my archives. The cutest part about this morning was that P wanted to get up and see what I had brought outside for his birthday. He was like a little kid again and it was just too cute.

I'll just let you cruise on Lake Geneva today..

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Recognizing the photo, I can tell I was on a hike overlooking Clarens which is just a small part of Montreux. You would have to go to the left to see the main area of Montreux with such highlights as the Freddy Mercury Monument and the Shopping Forum.

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