Saturday, March 25, 2006

Flowering Into Spring

My most favorite part about spring is watching the flowers pop up and all of the leaves forming each and every day.

Before we went to Switzerland last August I was able to find many beautiful shots around our Vancouver neighborhood of flowers, but still the most memorable were from our trip to Switzerland.

As we were walking around the town of Interlaken, buzzing bees were working on getting some pollen out of these colorful flowers. It was amazing they were actually just planted and part of some hotel landscape, yet they look so wild as if they belong in the Alps. P actually took this Macro shot with his tiny camera. I loved the fact that you could really make out the bee. It's just a plain beautiful shot.

My most favorite place I've photographed in my life has been in Yvoire, France. There were flowers around every bend, every nook and cranny. I was in total heaven and so excited to photograph practically every building I saw. I'm sure I'll post quite a few more pictures from the trip but here is one that caught my eye today as it went across my screen saver at some point.

These are just a hint of some of the colors I got to photograph while we were on vacation last August in Switzerland. I also came across a wonderful map which I can post in the morning which shows just exactly where Yvoire is located. Now if I can just take advantage of my time outside and find a few beautiful flowers here in town, I think I'll be happy. Yet these flowers are enough to make me smile wide.

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