Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Not only is it friday but it's St. Patrick's Day. I feel like I had already started the day yesterday with all of the driving and watching of Irish Dancing at senior homes. I'm sure the routines made these seniors days, but I did end up exhausted and tired beyond belief.

Even worse is that I'm sure I'm going to have to bus around a group of kids tomorrow too. I actually feel like I worked all week already not just one day. But that might have been in part because I actually didn't just lounge around with my 3 days off as I was stressing with taxes.

Since Vancouver is full or people with Irish roots, hubby included, I was interested in seeing what Canada had to say about St. Patrick's Day. In Canada, Saint Patrick's Day in an offical holiday in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Some groups (including Guinness) have lobbied to make Saint Patrick's Day a federal holiday. I would sure be nice, but I'm still guessing I would be working.

Does anybody know of any St. Patrick's Day celebrations near them?

Oddly enough, I've elected to try some curling this weekend at the club's open house. P asked me many times without me really responding so I buckled down and said I would. I haven't decided yet if I'll get P to take pics or not. Haha... As well, P's birthday is on Sunday. I'm happy because he doesn't curl, but I'm also hoping we can do something outdoors enjoying the weather. I'm counting on some three leaf clover luck for this one...

In the month of March, Lac Leman gets a haze over the lake once the sun rises. The sun is still waking up here and will soon turn into a thick haze, however it's always pure paradise to me.

Oddly enough on this St. Patrick's Day, we have exactly 12 hours of sun today. The sun rose at 6:21 am and will set at 6:21pm tonight here. I'm liking the longer hours and just can't wait for the time change.

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