Thursday, March 23, 2006

In Yellow too

In Yellow too
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Last night I signed up for a photography class here in Vancouver. I'm hoping to gain some extra knowledge on how to work my very complex camera.

I've read the book but it's just not the same as hands on help and teaching. Sure I know a bit about how my camera all works and can take portraits of flowers just fine. I love that option as it's by far my favorite and most mastered.

My major troubles are with some lighting issues and a few other more complicated functions that I'm too confused about which I'm hoping to learn more about while I'm there. They do offer a booklet to go along with the class which is just a few hours long.

At any rate, I'm sure I'm going to learn at least one good new thing I didn't know already. So in about 3 weeks time, I'll be ready to photograph just in time for great spring and summer weather. I had better read up on my other e-book manual too.

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