Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Serene Sunset

If you were here in Vancouver yesterday and outside because of that sunshine, you probably would have run into at least one person who commented about how great it felt outside. Everyone wanted to quit work and go catch some rays as it was just that wonderful. In the middle of everything I managed to snap a few spring like photos to remind me of what it's all like to have blue skies and sun. I managed to take a few decent photos with my mini cam. Here's the best one from just after sunset last night.

I guess we are lucky up here in Vancouver and most of Canada. La nina has just started which is bringing a lot of cold artic air into the states. The mixture is making for a bad spring with possible tornadoes because cold and warm air just doesn't mix well. Most of the states are still seeing strong winter storms which is not a good thing according to the weather men. After reading the link, it just confuses me more so I'll stick to what I heard and wrote above.

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