Monday, March 13, 2006

Stereotypes By Fashion

I've finally figured out some of the stereotypical dress in Vancouver, well at least I think I have. You can characteristically pick out those people under twenty five because all of them insist on wearing their jeans half way down to their knees. You also will usually see their boxers hanging out, no part of their jeans near their waste and walking even more foolishly because they seem to almost trip over their clothing.

Every time I take a walk in North Vancouver, I seriously want to walk up to them and point and laugh but I restrain. I also find myself wishing I could be a bit more gutsy and take some really off the wall photos of the people who think their fashions are so cool.

For some reason most teens and 20 something year olds in north america like dressing two ways either super slutty or showing off their boxers with the crotch of their jeans down to their ankles. In fact this first was known criminal activity which fools are now trying to immitate unknowningly. But why would you bother having to hold your trousers all day long? Maybe you want to dance to the lyrics of the song?
I do stress I wished mutiple times I would have taken photos of these fools. Over the weekend P and I saw a hoard of teenaged girls thinking they were so cool wearing short skirts with fufu boots, you know the type from Dumb and Dummer.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm well aware this just doesn't exist just in Vancouver, it's everywhere. I'd love to see more photos of this occurance. I've seen it in European countries too.

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