Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another Wine Review

Friday evening P made us a fabulous broiled steak and potatoes. Along with the perfectly cooked filet we tried Yvon Mau et Fils Merlot 2004. The wine which is from the region of Aude was very smooth with a great taste. Since I'm not a wine buff, I'll leave it up to what others have reviewed about this wine, but I'd highly recommend it. The wine costs between $8.75 and $13 I'm willing to guess and well worth it.
"From one of the largest n├ęgociant firms based in Bordeaux, this wine hails from Languedoc. The nose is quite muted and from an indeterminable fruit source, but the flavours come to the fore with dried currants, black cherries and tangy acidity all wrapped up in perfect balance and a firm texture. Would be a lovely match to lamb, tenderloin or rack, grilled and served with roasted herbed potatoes."

So there you have it, the review says it all with a 4 stars rating. Now that I've left you with something to ponder, I'll laze away the rest of my morning before I jet off to my Photo Class. I'm sure I'll have something to say about that when I get back!

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