Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Easy Drinker

This weekend we tried a new wine called the Easy Drinker. Every time I look at the bottle I seem to laugh because the name and the look of the bottle is just all too funny for me.

My first impressions before reading the bottle further, were that it's some type of cheap wine that you might find in the supermarket next to those all so good but cheap ciders. Well at least that is what I would do while I was shopping at Geant in St. Louis, France.

But really any wine in Canada is pricey on any standard. I would imagine in France this wine will sell for about 500% less than it does here in Canada. I still scratch my head daily on the cost of wines here and why people don't fight to have cheaper wines, all because of enormous tax profits.

After reading the label and doing a bit more research, I figured out the wine was actually from the area known as Cotes de Gascogne. The Vins de cotes de Gascogne are actually located in the South Western part of France half way from the Altantic and the Mediterranean but near Spains border. With their colorful bottles and amazingly light hearted website, I'm curious to know if the area is just as happy as their bottle appears to be.

And in case you were wondering if it was an easy drinker. It definitely went down easily and was an easy drink of white wine.

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