Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Tribal Sauvignon Blanc

Another Wine Review

Last night, we were at the liquor store when my eyes caught an under $13 white wine calling out "Buy Me". It had this nifty free pin attached to the neck of the wine bottle so I figured it was meant for me to buy. The bottle was of African Terroir, 2005, Tribal Sauvignon Blanc / Colombard and let me tell you it was impressive. I might venture to say it's probably the best white wine I've tried. But that doesn't say all too much seeing that I'm not a wine connoisseur or a white wine fanactic.

The wine reads: This wine represents a philosophical approach of the wine-making process in conjunction with favourable climates and selected soils. The harmonious care of the grapes in the vineyards has been prolonged by a gentle handling in the cellar. The result is a wine which reflects the natural beauty and terroir of South Africa.

It must have been good because I had two full glasses in the first sitting, and that just never happens. My final synopsis : A Must Buy! If you are interested in a bit more information on this wine, check out the African Terroir. Location: Sonop Wine Farm, Windmeul, South Africa

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