Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Surprise in the Canada Post

A few months ago, I saw a compliments ad in our local paper which claimed to have reusable bags to "Bag your way to a better environment". As I investigated further, it looked like something that I really wanted to collect.

Little did I know, there was one certain hiccup in the way of me going to the store and just getting a sac. Since IGA is in competition with one of the suppliers of these bags, they are not available to be bought here in BC or Vancouver for that matter. As I sat scratching my head, you mean we aren't aloud to buy recyclable bags here?? It seems a little backwards if you ask me. Go on Canada, there's something which will help you with doing your part for the environment!

As it ended up, I would have to find these bags outside of BC, and had to think of someone to turn to outside of BC. Luckily I had just the person in mind. Since I've got some great blogging friends and sure enough, Canadian Swiss and Orange X happily bought me 2 of these bags while she was visiting family near Ottawa.

I took a pic or two of the bags and am just tickled pink at my first present via snail mail last Thursday. The two bags ended up being from Proxim and VilaBag, both of which are ultra cool. Check out the pics from below!

Out here in Vancouver, not too many people use their own bags at the grocery store. Maybe it's because plastic bags are free and it's just much easier not to bother bringing their own bags to the store. I think the usage/waste here was part of my culture shock while coming back from Switzerland to get used to free plastic bags once again. But it is quite depressing seeing how many bags everyone uses, especially compared to Switzerland. You use it if it's available to you and are forced to use your own when there is nothing there. I guess we are a bit slow to that here.

But here are a few interesting statistics from the bag. Every year, about 2 billion plastic bags are used in Quebec. That represents a weekly average of 10 plastic bags per household. Plastic bags take some 400 years to disintergrate. So if that is a statistic out of Quebec, I'm scared to know what it is for North America and the world! It's sort of crazy what differences are out there especially when you start living in other countries.

If your looking for spaced out Sundays, P is taking off this week. I might have given him the horrible flu cold that I've been nursing since Friday morning, so he's in no mood to be blogging right now.

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