Friday, January 05, 2007

Not Again

Houston - we've got snow again. Again... Yes Again...

I tried but I guess they didn't get the message to ship the snow off towards Norway, Andorra, Austria and Switzerland.

It all started when I woke up this morning early, which has been unusual for me lately. I couldn't sleep but thought nothing about it. Then, when I finally knew I had to get out of bed, I looked outside in shock! So now we might get up to 15cm's of the stuff.

This is 4th time this season we have gotten snow. For me, I could care less if we get snow here on the streets of the lower mainland. Save it for the slopes above 1000m and I'm happy, but not down below that level. In fact, I'd be happier to blow it onto Europe's streets instead of these Vancouver ones.

You see most of the time our area is not equipped for driving in snow. They only salt the main streets, and don't have any proper snow removal. The result can be a big headache on the roads. At times, many people are told to not even drive if they do not need to do so. In fact, my work car isn't equipped to drive in the snow which doesn't make for a fun time driving in it. I still have my 4 wheel drive truck in California. I miss it dearly on these days as I love just switching it over and going.

I guess the explanation for all of this wacky weather might be called an El Nino.

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