Friday, April 13, 2007

Hiking at Lac Tannay

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This weeks Photo Hunt Theme is Hobby.

I wanted to look up a list of hobbies according to wikipedia because I was having trouble finding something different than what this blog is about: Photography, travels, all things outdoors and life. I decided to pick a photo from an Outdoor nature activity where we hiked up a large hill up to Lac Tanny, Switzerland. The actual location is basically on the other side of the mountains of Montreux, very close to the French border. The reward from the hike was an incredible view, blue skies and some lunch.

Here's the beautiful hiking trek which is definitely a hobby of mine.

Taking a Break

And the view..

Lakeside Beauty

If you were to look over those hills, you'd see Montreux and Lake Geneva/Lac Leman.

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