Monday, April 02, 2007

A Vandusen Tour

On Saturday P and I planned an outting to Vandusen Botanical gardens to enjoy the sunny weather, photograph the new spring flowers and do a bit of bird watching. Really it is so amazing what you see when you really stop to notice the little things.

Here's a short photo tour of some of the Vandusen Gardens.

I was surprised to see not too many flowers blooming yet. I'm willing to guess we are a bit behind on the blooming schedule since we had so much rain all winter and well into most of March.

My favorite flower from the visit.

Large Pencils?

Large pencils? or...

And finally parting shots. ;-)

P was very happy to se some new ducks which we didn't see too often around here. These are two that were doing some very funny spinny with their feet and then would duck down and moon us. It was very entertaining!

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