Friday, May 11, 2007

Five Awesome Photo Spots

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This weeks Photo Hunt Theme is FIVE.

I couldn't really think of a photo I had five of, but I could certainly think of something with five great places to visit and photograph. So here are a few random picks where if you go during the perfect time of the year, it's absolute paradise.

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1. Lost in Paradise, Views of English Bay/Kits, Vancouver from a 13th floor building.

2. Penticton After Sunset, During the summer, the sky is incredible, full of life and much like it is in Switzerland during July and August when there are lots of thunderstorms and so much to watch outside by night.

3. Enjoying Summer Weather, Summer weather of Montreux. What more can you ask for with a view like that! I might add that it looks a lot like West Vancouver.

4. Sunset, off the Washington Coast. These types of views go all the way up to BC where whale watching and sunsets come hand in hand.

5. Lausanne Harbor - One of my favorite towns to walk around, go shopping and watch the incredible sunsets. Take a boat across the way, and you will land in France...

So there you have my five random picks of great places to photograph...

Happy Hunting!

We have had sun for 5 days in a row! I plan on watching the sunset and taking more pics this weekend..

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