Monday, May 14, 2007

Needing a Vacation

I think I'm in desperate need of a Vacation! We actually haven't travelled outside our normal city limits since December now. I didn't even go skiing this year. And the snow was probably the most awesome it's been in years.

(pic of sunset Friday eve, west Vancouver)

So with the below post and people everywhere talking about vacations, I'm starting to get vacation fever. Now my biggest problem is being able to take one, and figuring out where to go. We are going to stay close to home but I guess the furthest we would travel is either Banff or California. I'd like to do both, but don't know what we will be able to do at this point.

That all depends on how fast this slow moving letter from CIC gets to me. It's been 3.5 wks (April 18th was when it changed on the web) and I still haven't gotten the letter. I've tried calling the call center but they weren't of any help. I tried to tell them I haven't gotten a letter. All they would tell me is "sorry I'm not able to give you any information about that"....

Well why don't you keep diggin Watson because if a DECISION MADE is what I see on the Internet, you'd at least think you'd try communicating with me on when my landing interview was... I'm not incompetent.

Oh wait, I forgot, you're too incompetent to put two and two together, but like to make people sit and miss their landing interview dates... Yup that's Canadian Immigration for ya.. Hard dumb ones at work...

Anyhow - after a week of sunshine, all spirits around here are much higher. I'm going to try bringing out my camera more on my travels as I've had some awesome views and keep missing the shots sans camera.

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