Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Starbucks or Peets Coffee

Which do you prefer?

While we were in California, we resorted to going to Starbucks for some fresh brewed coffee since my parents don't drink coffee at all. There was a new Starbucks which opened up. The previous store was a rice discount store. I'm not sure I like the concept, but it's way more convenient...

One day during the week, we went to get a nice frappe mocha drink from Peet's Coffee. My mom wanted to know which we preferred as some people say Peet's is far superior to Starbucks. I'd would totally agree with the iced drinks. Pete's was just perfect and their flavor choices were out of this world. Since we don't frequent any coffee place that often, I can't say we would go to one over the other.

In Vancouver we prefer to make our own. We even bought a new Espresso Maker - 6 Cup by Bialetti Make coffee fast using the Moka Express by Bialetti, the internationally used coffee maker for over 50 years.

It is made using prime aluminun that ensures a blemish free exterior with quality machine screw threads that ensure good pressure and a tight fit. Pressure valves have a stainless steel ball bearing and spring and the gaskets are made from 100% rubber. The thick, hollow ground base allows the Moka Express to be used on gas, electric, or ceramic ranges.

And I still need to figure out how to brew the espresso without the extra coffee grounds spilling over. This morning I got an added overdose of the stuff... lol It was real fun

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