Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sticking Out a Strike

I mentioned earlier that North Vancouver and Vancouver might go into full strike action. That finally happened yesterday and has led to people having to make drastic changes in their schedules.

For me personally, I can't go to the rec center to work out because it's closed. I have to find a swim pool that is private and not tied to any of the cities. It is a big challenge and I mostly will have to substitute some form of cardio in place of swimming until the strike is over.

Some garbage services aren't in service, but parking is! How essential when they need the money. Also, all summer programs are shut down as well as day cares. And some essential summer concerts are cancelled.

Predictions say this strike could last around 6 wks. Bummer! The only thing I'm doing is sleeping in 45 more minutes than normal, well for this week!

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