Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Visiting Crater Lake

Much of our vacation consisted of moving and purging my belongings from my storage unit. However, we were able to get in a few amazing sites along the way. Our journey began way too early on Friday June 29th. We elected to leave a bit earlier to get across the border and to also avoid the commute traffic around the major towns.

The gamble paid off as we only hit a little bit of Seattle traffic some 2.5 hrs or 3 hours later. It was relatively easy sailing and as soon as we crossed over into the states, we didn't have anymore pouring rain. The pouring rain had actually kept me awake the night before.

Around 2:30 or 3pm we finally arrived in the National Park of Crater Lake. The sky was blue, the air was chilly and there was still patches of snow all around. Once we finally got up to the lake, I was just in pure awe.

We spent about 30 mins enjoying the view however there was a large breeze and it was chilly just standing outside. We elected to get to our lodging and see if we could check in. This was a total mistake! We were totally unimpressed as our room became available at 4:45pm! Now when you have an 11am check out, something like this should literally never happen. And this happened to everyone checking into the hotel that day! All I can say is that we won't be going back to sleep there.

However, the sites, dinner and the view was all worth our short 16 hour or so visit. Here are two pics which I have uploaded so far..

Absolutely Surreal

A view past one of the volcanoes closer to the hotel.

Back From Vacation

Views from our first stop onto crater lake.

More photos to come from the next morning and other adventures along the way.

And I saved the most amazing for last (unedited photo by my new photographer "P")

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