Monday, August 06, 2007

A Touch of Bavaria

With an adventure and a half just getting there, we were able to experience a bit of Bavaria over the long BC weekend within a short drive from our beloved Canada. We wanted to get out of town and see a bit of Leavenworth, Washington because it was somewhere we had never been. We were hoping for a relaxing weekend and besides getting off to a horrible start with the US border, the rest of the trip was warm, blue and beautiful.

Here are a few photos from the trip. (Click to enlarge)

Arriving at our B&B Haus Rohrbach - Leavenworth, Washington. 5pm

Front St. Is lined with Bavarian looking buildings.

A touch of Bavaria not far from Canada.

Sunset from our balcony. What a view!

Saying Goodbye to a relaxing weekend.

Let me say I am so lucky to live in Canada. Our trip started off quite slowly with the most unbelievable border wait ever. Our first border crossing wait was about 10 miles and 3 hours long. So we went to the second border crossing where we waiting 3 kms and 1hr 45 mins later just to get into Washington State. Talk about thinking we were crossing some war zone or flashing back to a communist country. Our car was searched and thrown apart and the first question the border guard asked us was "Are You a Convicted Criminal???"

Needless to say, our border crossing back into the land of the free (Canada) took 2 seconds and was a relief! It will take a lot for us to cross the border again. Since our experience was so horrible, I'm not so sure I ever want to visit the states on vacation again. It's certainly not the land of the free, but I'll refrain from anymore thoughts and judgement.

So I'm curious to know, how close does it look to Germany????
The first site I did not like was the street full of cars...

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