Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Took this photo from our balcony tonight. It was probably my best moon shot yet. Crimson colors and all from the full lunar eclipse...

lunar moon

The next one won't happen until after 2010 in Vancouver.


  1. Sigh, someday I'll have a camera as good as yours. Your photo is so great it makes mine look downright ill...ciao

  2. Pretty!! Did you use a telescope to capture this?

  3. That's gorgeous! Great shot. They said the eclipse would be at its best at something like 4:26 a.m. this morning and I *was* going to get up to take a look, but I forgot to set my alarm and snored right through it. :-)

  4. I was outside here in Toronto last night, also taking photos of the eclipse...



  5. WOW! Really great shot, ET!

  6. Amazing shot, well done, ET!!

  7. WOW - that's amazing! It was too cloudy here to see, but your picture made up for it. What camera do you have?

  8. Hi tina - the camera doesn't matter really. What you need is a great tripod, self timer or remote so you don't touch the camera.

    Then you need a good close up lens - 300mm or more

    I personally used a Nikon D70 for this shot, not a great camera but works fine.

    And the experience and know how on the which modes to use.

    This was taken at less than 1 sec manual, F4.0 (I think)