Friday, July 25, 2008

Hanging Flowers

This weeks Theme is Hanging

I did not have much time to think of the photo hunt but came up with something always dear to my heart. I had some good ideas, like watching a person hanging or a hanging animal from a tree, but I can't think of any recent photos which I took with something so interesting.

This photo was taken in Interlaken in August 2005 when P and I first visited Switzerland together. These flowers I adored and walked past them several times because they were all so beautiful and so unusual, hanging down even..

Flowers in the Rain

Happy Hunting!


  1. Nice picture and story. :)
    My first thought was also in the botanical sphere; I was looking for some pictures of my pussy willow, which I took last spring, but then I thought of a picture I took only a week ago - and voila!

  2. I heart yellow flowers :)


  3. Makes me think of these big Hawaiian flowers you can make a neckless of.