Friday, August 22, 2008

Photo Hunt - Wrinkled

Waiting For Rain
Originally uploaded by thnkfst
This photo hunt was really hard for me to pick out the WRINKLED theme from the photos I've taken recently along with all of my packing that I'm doing and not spending time on the computer...

So here is my attempt at finding something that "could" fit...

wrin·kle (rngkl)
1. A small furrow, ridge, or crease on a normally smooth surface, caused by crumpling, folding, or shrinking.
2. A line or crease in the skin, as from age.
4. A problem or imperfection; a fault:

Doesn't this photo fit the definition!

This is at the Reifel bird sanctuary where the birds will be migrating back in another month or so...


  1. It's perfect, ET!!
    We are not this desperate for rain, but almost...

  2. Some places here in our country tend to be like that during summer. Sigh.

    Yes, your photo fits the theme :)