Monday, February 09, 2009

Impressions from the day

Here are a few impressions from my day today.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time outdoors today enjoying the breaks of clear blue skies.

I spied the first hints of spring yesterday and knew I had to come back today. I'm a bit confused however because it's so darn cold outside. Well at least 5C and a bit of wind feels cold enough to want to bundle up and hide inside a touque and gloves.
Is spring coming early to Victoria?

Beautiful Blue skies and reflections

Palm trees and Flowers overlooking The Empress Hotel.

I picked this up from the Rhineland Bakery. It was good...

I know I haven't updated my blog with pics and want to be better. We shall see as time permits. I definitely don't want to miss the start of spring!

** Update: All week we have had near Fluries and cooler weather - Imagine that! **


  1. Rhineland Bakery ... what a great place. My parents used to deliver some varieties of fresh bread to them once a week, until about two years ago. Another great place (I highly recommend) is The Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop at 718 Fort Street.

    Again, great photography--crisp, sharp, nice angles. The spring weather tends to come earlier to Victoria than elsewhere around here--something to do with the generally milder ocean air. Some years I remember flowers in January! Enjoy.

  2. Oh, the tide is changing.

  3. I love the first picture. It is just beautiful.

    I am looking forward to spring but I think we'll have to wait a few more months. Today, we have strong winds and rain. Yuck!

  4. Lucky you! We had quite a storm here last night.

  5. So there is hope for spring this year too - well, we have more that 1Meter snow here in Oslo, Norway :-)

    RennyBA's Terella

  6. love the spring'y pictures! :)
    and the treat for a sweet tooth, that looks so yummmy!!!

  7. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Looks like spring indeed. We had some snow this morning in Switzerland (yesterday was stormy).

  8. Aren't you suppose to be having six more weeks of winter? or does that only work in the U.S.? Pass the pastry please :)

  9. Spring is here already? Noooo I want more snow so I can ski more!!!

  10. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Your blog is vey nice & informative. I always appreciate your work. The snaps are awesome. Thanks to the sharing.
    Mohammad Zohaib Khan from Atlanta

  11. That's Victoria for you - spring in February. Good to see some blooms for when I come home!

  12. Aw, we dont have blossoms on the mainland yet!