Friday, April 10, 2009

I spy a triangle

This weeks Theme is Triangle
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Victoria Harbour Sunset

Victoria Inner Harbour

How many triangles do you see in this photo?

Wishing you a wonderful Easter.


  1. I've been crazy busy but the pictures you've posted lately have been beautiful! This is no exception!

  2. Very nice photo! I see more triangles than I can count. I agree, you're on a roll lately with your photos!


  3. At least a douzen

    this is very clever solution

    I will reaval mine about 12 hrs from now;))

    Had a great BD

  4. I see a lot and did not bother counting hehehe...your picture is great. the sunset is so beautiful.

  5. I think the number of triangle is countless if you use your imagination and I got loss watching this breath taking picture.

    The boat look so peaceful in the golden beauty of sunset.

    Btw: 5 years to save up for a good vacation! Well, I hope Europe and even Norway is on your list then :-)

    RennyBA's Terella

  6. This was a beautiful shot for the triangle theme. Lets just say I see oodles and boodles of triangles, ha. Happy Easter!

  7. Great shot! Love the colours (and the many triangles)

  8. Testing, testing, testing :lol:

    Thanks for your reply on my note!

  9. I don't know... Though, It's a beautiful photo!!!

    Isobel -