Saturday, March 20, 2010

Swan Lake

I went out to another hidden sanctuary in town this morning. Actually I first went to my swim workout then out to my 9am meet up with a fellow photo friend. It felt great with the cool morning air. There's lots to see but I know I needed to get there a bit earlier. Even better, not being in a rush to go anywhere but just go photograph.

Here's a bit of info about the sanctuary. It's full name is Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. You can find many different water foul, birds, including lots of humming birds, and various other rodents sneaking around in the bushes.

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a wild oasis in the heart of the urban landscape and includes two distinct ecosystems: the beautiful marshland of Swan Lake and the spectacular Garry oak meadow on Christmas Hill. Both are home to an incredible array of native plants and wild animals.

I wasn't so lucky on my bird finding trip today, but here are a few of the cool shots I liked. The website even lists the birds at the sanctuary and current sightings. So let's show you around.

parts of swan lake.

Following this pair around.

Robin up in a tree.

Red winged black bird.

Heren in flight to land.

Part of Swan Lake. Until the next trip!

Actually you can get here even via bike at the galloping goose trails. It's quiet yet so close to the roads into down town. I definitely want to explore more of the lake.


  1. That is such a pretty lake. I love going to different lakes, and our state has a lot of them too. Although I have not seen any swans lately except for those in Germany, so we probably don't have any here.

  2. Oh fun!! Nice way to spend some time and get some cool shots.

  3. What a pretty spot! Great photos Jen, love the last one especially!

  4. Ah, so you are a morning person. Me, not so much ;-)

    It looks very spring-y in Vancouver. We don't have that many birds around yet, but they are slowly flying back from the South.

  5. What great pics from a lovely place! One can really see, spring is in the air at you're side!

    We still have full winter here in Norway with much snow left - but looking at you're pics, one can tell there is hope :-)

  6. This would be a bird-watcher's paradise, Jen, I can see. You are in heaven there, I know. Great images!

  7. Cool that you got to enjoy some nature, though!

  8. I love all the pics but the last is my favorite! What a great place to visit.

  9. Great photos! I love the robin in the tree.