Thursday, April 28, 2005

Blog Boom In Switzerland

Yesterday I came across a few really interesting web blogs from Switzerland. One of the most interesting Blogs I came across was from Gregor. Another blog was by Stephanie who has an eclitic mix of travels and towns in Switzerland. What amazes me is their ability to speak the English language so well.

My best estimate of when the blog craze started in Switzerland was last June, but of course some started much earlier. Well I guess a few people in the US started about a year earlier than that, even during the fall of Sadam. But I'm one of the late comers to it all, starting only in February of 2005.

According to Swissinfo the land of cows, banks and chocolates is about to discover the blog - at least a little bit:

"The blogging phenomenon has made few waves in Switzerland, even though the country boasts 48 regular internet users for every 100 inhabitants."

“Only a few people here understand the term weblogs,” says Roger Fischer of Zurich-based Kaywa, which hosts around 350 blogs on its servers. Hitz points out that in the United States there are countless bloggers – estimates put the number at two to five per cent of the population.

“The Swiss probably feel they have less of a need to talk to other people than the Americans. It’s possible that our reserve stands in the way of a Swiss blog boom, because you have to expose yourself in a blog."

I find many of these sites Swiss much more interesting than a few of the other random blogs I have visited. Maybe its just luck or fascination with the country I've enjoyed living in.

What I do know is it's a great way to post history using the Internet.

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