Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lake Geneva Region

Lake Geneva
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Swiss Mineral Water can be found in many springs practically in any area of Switzerland. While walking along any path you are likely to find springs in Switzerland of drinking quality.

You will find signs strictly detailing if the water is forbidden to drink. Feel free to fill up your water along your way.

Interestingly, Many of the springs have above-average mineral values, thanks to the rich native stone. Switzerland owes its large range of mineral waters to this natural fact.

In the Lake Geneva Region,
Henniez is the natural source. The beneficial effects of the waters of Henniez have been known since antiquity. During the journey through the Vaud and Fribourg foothills of the Alps to Broye valley in the vicinity of Lausanne, the water is enriched with valuable mineral salts and trace elements.

Aproz is located in the Valias, not far from canton Vaud. It springs from the vicinity of Nendaz and is known as the mineral water of Migros. Aproz along with being pure nature, contains a balanced composition of mineral salts.

Have a taste for yourself, as I think Switzerland's water is the best tasting in the world.

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