Monday, April 18, 2005

Guide to Switzerland 2

I actually buckled down and bought a new book last week. Now it might sound funny coming from someone who actually lived in Switzerland for 2 years, but I figured if I could get just one tips out of the book it would pay for itself.

First off, the book has this silky soft cover which draws you in. The photography in the book is actually rather up to date, compared to a few others that I saw. I liked the book because it was so detailed with explanations of all of the main areas of Switzerland.

It has paid for itself already in tips. I've gathered some great information on renting a car and also just some of the history of Switzerland. I've only been skimming the book so far, but I know I've gathered up more than one great tip.

To check out the book yourself find: Rough The Guide to Switzerland 2

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